Rolands Moisejs Tallin Office


The Rolands Moisejs company group is a market leader in metal processing and plastic equipment trade in the Baltic States.

The first group company LTD Rolands Moisejs was founded in 1994 in Riga. Continuing development, UAB Rolands Moisejs was founded in 1998 in Vilnius. The next major step in expanding the operation was the opening of OU Rolands Moisejs in Tallinn, in 1999.

Gaining valuable experience in the sale of new and used metal processing equipment, the company became the leader in its industry in the Baltic States.

The company offers a wide range of metal processing equipment: for mechanical processing, sheet processing, wire processing, as well as electrode and laser working tables. Equipment for making plastic parts is also offered – pressure casting equipment and peripheral devices, material shredders and dryers.

Our competence is based on the knowledge we have gained over many years of experience. A competence that is strengthened by acting responsibly to market processes and customer needs. A competence that is being constantly developed through gaining knowledge in the world of technologies and innovations.

The strategy of the company is to be not only the market leader, but also a competent advisor. This principle is respected and the company is evolving constantly, keeping up with the latest developments in the industry.
At present, the company is taking significant steps towards introducing a new product in the Baltic market!

It is no secret that a process of change has begun in the world of technologies and additive manufacturing is gaining momentum. The company takes on the role of a market leader, conducts research and market introduction of these new technologies in order to be able to offer innovative solutions to its customers and to support the process of implementation of these solutions.

The main principle of the company Rolands Moisejs is having an individual approach to each of its clients, thus achieving mutually beneficial cooperation. Our main task is to provide advice in the process of purchasing equipment and to ensure their full operation after purchase.

We believe that the appropriate equipment is your path to success and quality technical support is the warranty of success!