Our Team

Our team is the warranty of your success!

28 excellent specialists of our industry take care of high-quality processes in their everyday work, in order to maximize the productivity of the provided service and product.

The competent sales team is able to offer you the most appropriate and efficient technology and equipment; and is capable of offering not only standard solutions, but also addressing individual and non-standard needs.

The company is proud of its technical team, which has acquired high quality education, not only in the best technical universities in the Baltics, but has also added knowledge on an international level, both in foreign universities and the education systems of the equipment manufacturers. The warranty of our success is a competent service that can professionally set up, install and maintain even complicated and innovative equipment.

The success factor is the structure of the entire company team, which in everyday work supports and complements each other towards the essential goal of providing a quality, knowledge-based solution and service for the customer.