Machines for Additive Manufacturing

Laser metal fusion

Laser metal fusion is often referred to as metal 3D printing, powder bed fusion, or selective laser melting. The laser builds up the workpiece from a powder bed, layer by layer.

Laser metal deposition

Laser metal deposition is also referred to as LMD, direct energy deposition, or laser cladding. The process is quite simple: The laser first generates a weld pool on the component surface. A nozzle then automatically adds metal powder. This creates beads that are welded to one another, which then form structures on existing base bodies or entire components.

Thermoplastic 3D printers

Desktop thermoplasctic 3D printers – used for prototyping and producing plastic parts in small volume.

Filament dryers

Mass Portal Filament Dryers are a professional drying solution for open materials 3D printing industry.

Automated 3D printing system

Dynasty AMS builds on the proven rapid prototyping technology of Mass Portal 3D printers and takes it to the next level — individualised production and customized, small series parts production.